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  1. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    I'm completely stumped and hope someone on here can help me out. A few days ago I plugged up my evo prior to going to bed only to wake up to a completely dead battery in the morning (the light was blinking orange). Fortunately I have a few non oem batteries lying around so I simply popped one of them in and was able to boot it up. All was normal again for a few days and then it happened again last night. Woke up to another dead battery this time using the non oem battery. Also, I've had the phone plugged up throughout the day today but it's still constantly losing juice. I thought it may be a bad battery port but the light comes on when it's plugged up and the battery icon in the status bar also indicates that it's charging. I then assumed that maybe there was an app that was going wild so I did a factory reset to eliminate that possibility. It's still slowly losing battery power while "charging" even after the hard reset. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions/opinions?

  2. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention my phone is the original evo 4g. Also, the above has happened while using 3 different batteries, 2 different wall chargers and a car charger.
  3. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    Wow, this forum is dead! Guess it's a sign, along with my now finicky phone, to finally get rid of this dinosaur and upgrade to something more up to date.
  4. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    The EVO forums def aren't dead! Problem is, were all hiding out in the root forums :D. Seems everyone left is rooted.

    As far as your battery issues, if the problem is occuring with multiple batteries and multiple chargers, it looks like the problem may be with the phone yourself. Do you have insurance?
  5. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    Nope, no insurance. I bought it used from a friend about 6 months ago when he switched to an iphone. Haven't has any real issues with it at all until recently. I'm beginning to think it may be a hardware issue after all. :(

    Coincidentally, the first time I had a problem with it was on the morning my Sprint contract ended. Planned obsolescence? Lol
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  6. xzr1tv

    xzr1tv New Member

    I had a similar problem. I replace the cable with a good cable and no longer have the problem!
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  7. Instinct User

    Instinct User Well-Known Member

    I've tried it with several different chargers. Even if the charging port stops working all together I still have an external wall charger that I can use to charge the batteries and hold out long enough for the EVO lte to hit the shelves.
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  8. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I would use the external chargers. I got better charges from them than the HTC charger. However, that means you need to change the battery every so often. My USB port is still good after nearly 2 years so it paid off using the external chargers and not wearing the USB port. It doesn't bother me to have to change them but many don't like the hassle. From what you have posted, it sounds like the USB port is faulty (even if the light is coming on). This is a fairly common issue with the EVO
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