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  1. MikeTyson

    MikeTyson Active Member

    Friend of mine said he activated a Droid today, brand new, and the battery meter is showing a "?".... No meter just the empty battery meter with a question mark inside of it...

    Anyone have that issue or ever heard such a thing?:confused:

  2. Athos

    Athos Member

    After a bit of searching i came across this on motorola's support forum.

    Sounds like the problem. Other things I came across were cleaning the battery contacts and double checking the seating of the battery.
  3. Metacom

    Metacom Member

    I had the same problem. I just removed the battery, and put it back in. All seems to be working now. Hopefully that solved it!
  4. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    That's interesting, never had it happen to me but will store it, that way if it happens, I'll know how to fix it..
  5. Tyrial_hannah

    Tyrial_hannah New Member

    i had the same issue, read all the forums and tried everything. finally i put the battery only in the freezer away from water(lithium reacts with water) and waited 5 to ten minutes and then put the battery back in and plugged it in, pushed power on, and instant start up with 5% battery life already. try this and let me know the results. Thanks ahead for feedback. :D
  6. nloomans

    nloomans New Member

    But... my phone got a non removable battery!

    (my phone is a moto g)

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