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  1. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    For the last couple of days, my Spectrum is showing battery level at 100%...although that is impossible once the phone has been on for more than 5 minutes! :D

    I turned the phone off yesterday and it reset to the correct, or presumably correct level. I tried powering it down and back today but it's still stuck at 100%. Anyone else seen this and have a fix?

    100% stock phone with no mods.

  2. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    i had one time when my battery seemed to be going down much slower than usual. Never had it stuck at 100 percent though.
  3. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    It's a nice fantasy. Powered down and back on for the 3rd time and it corrected itself. I'm hoping this doesn't become a regular issue.
  4. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    Turns out it's only with the new Acesoft battery I recently bought. I got it as a combo with a charger and battery from ebay. It started out fine but after only a few charge cycles it started acting up. It won't show battery life drop on the phone, and the battery won't hold a charge either. Stuck it into the phone last night, and after an hour or two of use, set it down for the night. This AM when I woke, the phone was DOA! Not a drop of charge left. Turns out that this is either just a bad example, or these batteries are just junk.

    On the + side, I like the charger. If you plug the battery right into the charger, it will charge in a couple of hours...and has an indicator light to tell you when it's done. Using the USB plug from teh charger to charge the battery in the phone is as useless as any other USB cabled charger. Meaning that it takes 6-8 hours minimum. So, with all of my other charger experience, the results are the same, if you are plugging into the charger with a USB cable, you're doing it the hard way. As in the pic below, you can charge the battery by placing it directly into the charger, which works great and fast, or also by using the provided USB cable, which may not fully charge a battery from 30% to 100% overnight! USB cabled chargers are junk.

  5. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    my battery charge to full in about an hour to an hour and half depending on the level of discharge.... gotta love B.O. w/ Blitz!!

    On a serious note, I do notice that my phone will stay on 100% longer than any other charge percentage. Im on 1hour 10 min still at 100% ... 3g on. the only use it has had is a couple uploads to Drop box and a couple of pictures taken. It seems like normally that would be enough to atleast drop it to 99%.
  6. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    My USB cabled charger that came with my phone charges my phone in about 2 hours. Never had an issue with it
  7. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried one yet that will charge from less than 30% to full in less than 4 hours. I'm ONLY talking about the chargers that uses a USB plug to connect to the charger. I have some of the old type that are hardwired to the charger, and those charge twice as fast. I'm talking about THIS end of the USB cable....if it has one of these plugging into the charger 4+ hours...sometimes longer.

  8. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    Yea. I wasn't confused. We are on the same page. And if you bought the spectrum new then you know the charger that came with it (as I stated in my previous post "the charger that came with my phone") is a usb one. And it will charge in a couple of hours when i have it plugged into the wall. Of course using the pc to charge the phone is slow as hell.
  9. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Huh thats wierd. My usb style charger get the done quicker that my hard wired type. My hard wired type is from my chocolate 3 though also.
  10. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    I've tried 3 different USB cable chargers, and all of them suck. Including the one that came with the phone. The hardwired charger I have is a Verizon branded charger, but I forget which phone it's from....and it runs circles around all 3 of the USB cabled versions. And the one that charges the battery out of the phone, the "desktop" type charger is the quickest. Twice I've plugged in my Spectrum overnight, on a USB cabled charger, around 20-30% battery left, and awakened to 74% and 88% charge 7 hours later. Maybe it's the phone, maybe it's those chargers?
  11. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    On the + side, the seller on ebay immediately sent me a replacement battery. Hopefully it last longer than a dozen charges.
  12. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    My guess is you are not using one of the current Roms, all of the current Roms have the charging maximum mAh increased. The spectrum us limited to 450mAh to charge, and the screen plus GPS drains the battery at approx 425mAh so add the drain from 3/4G and your phone uses battery faster than it charges. This is the reason I won't return to stock without at least flashing a kernel over it.

    BO 1.2 uses 800 mAh as the charge max, and your phone will cook, it hits a good 112
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  13. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    Yes, my phone is unhacked...completely stock.
  14. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    The whole post is excellent. Thank you.

    I wish there were a way to bump the charge limit from 450mA to like 550 or 650 with or without ROOT no matter what you have loaded.

    Maybe they addressed this in the upcoming ICS release. The phone would be almost perfect IMHO.
  15. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's quite frustrating to have the phone plugged in, and still drain the battery while you're using it.

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