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  1. steve6884

    steve6884 Well-Known Member

    I think I have had the captivate for about a year. It seems like recently the battery has been dying a lot faster then it used to. Is it unusual for a battery to start to wear out after a year? Any idea how much a replacement battery would be? I have 2 extra batteries that I bought on ebay and those are fine as backups but they dont last as long as the battery that came with the phone

  2. conlee

    conlee New Member

    I have this one from amazon it seems to be just as good as the one that came with it you can check it out and not a bad price


  3. btswein

    btswein Well-Known Member

    Have you tried calibrating it?

    Charge the phone to 100%, unplug it, turn it off, plug it back in, charge to 100%, unplug. Turn it back on, let it boot up, plug it back in until 100%. You should only have to do this once.
  4. steve6884

    steve6884 Well-Known Member

    Thanks but yes i have done that a few times over the year and recently. Just doesnt seem to be working as well anymore
  5. jdCaptivate

    jdCaptivate Well-Known Member

    Its certainly reasonable that the battery would be wearing out, after a year of use. Especially, something like a smartphone battery.

    I bought these. 2 batteries and charger. Only had to plug my phone in a handful of times, since I got it. Always have a fully charged battery now. OEM is for whatever emergency might somehow strangely happen.

    Anker 2 x 1800mAh Li-ion plus Charger for Samsung Captivate

    Cost $13
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  6. Drivespinners

    Drivespinners Active Member

  7. Darkangels6sic

    Darkangels6sic Well-Known Member

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