Battery not charging completely?

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  1. camdz

    camdz Well-Known Member

    I did a quick search, but there are so many battery threads, I couldnt find one with the same issue. I apologize if I skipped over it.

    After having the phone charging all night by my bedside, I wake up, take the phone off the charger, and immediately it drops from 100% to 90%. Sometimes higher..sometimes lower. Today it went to 88%. The phone is plugged in for 8-9 hours.

    Is my battery not getting a complete charge? Does the battery stop charging at 100 and begin discharging from there even while plugged in? This happens with my by EVO battery, and the backup battery from my old Hero.

    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue.

  2. j.dee.m

    j.dee.m Member

    I'm getting the same issue. I leave it plugged in till its at 100%, then after a few minutes of it being off the charger it drops to 95 - 93% without me even using it. I don't understand it...
  3. vikingjunior

    vikingjunior Well-Known Member

    HTC put out an update to condition battery...

    Charge battery until green light, pull off charger, turn off phone, plug charger back in wait for green light, pull of charger power on phone.
  4. camdz

    camdz Well-Known Member

    I will give this a try. I know with the Hero after flashing ROMs it sometimes helped to charge phone to green light, reboot into recovery, wipe battery stats, let phone die, then charge back to green light. This apparently would re-establish 100% and 0%. I was going to try it with the EVO next.
  5. teky

    teky Well-Known Member maybe every month or should let your battery discharge until the phone is completely dead. Then you should fully recharge it. This doesn't completely discharge the has built in protections to prevent it from going below a certain voltage, so it isn't damaged.

    What it does do is recalibrate the batteries internal charge meter, so that it reestablishes the correct full discharge level. That allows the phone's battery meter to more correctly report the charge level.

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