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  1. InitialG

    InitialG Well-Known Member

    So, I guess I have my first major problem with the phone that I can't seem to figure out. As of last night, the battery icon on the top right of the screen has been showing a "?" symbol instead of the usual colored meter.

    I tried charging it and the symbol doesn't change it either. Also, it does not seem to charge. I tried turning my phone on and off...and it doesn't do anything.

    Has anyone else had this problem before?? If not, I guess I might have to call Motorola customer care...:(

  2. InitialG

    InitialG Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, I figured out how to fix the problem.
  3. dzine2fit

    dzine2fit Well-Known Member

    Howd u fix it?? just for our curiouse minds.
  4. InitialG

    InitialG Well-Known Member

    I let the battery completely die out then I just charged the dead battery and it went back to normal
  5. dzine2fit

    dzine2fit Well-Known Member

    ok thanks.
  6. abelmendoza13

    abelmendoza13 New Member

    tried that and it did not work. will not charge past 15%. Even bought a new battery and it still did not recognize the battery. Still had the "?"

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