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  1. mikieh101

    mikieh101 Member

    Anybody having a problem with their battery not holding a charge?

    Mine's been plugged in for 4 1/2 hours and it's now down to 30% from this morning. I've plugged it into the usb port on the computer, a power strip and 3 different wall outlets and I've got the charger in as far it'll go and nothing.

    I'm hoping it's just this charger that's to blame.

  2. pa_cap

    pa_cap Well-Known Member

    Try changing the cable plugged into the charger/ZTE. Micro ports can be flaky and this worked for me on a couple of devices.
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  3. mikieh101

    mikieh101 Member

    Yup, that was the problem. I brought the charger from work home and plugged it in in the bedroom and it didn't charge.


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