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  1. landzmaster

    landzmaster Member

    They say that o1 has a really great battery life. Well, not for me. I am currently facing a big problem about my bat. . I just charged my phone to 100 percent, but after 10 minutes of browsing, my bat went down to 87%. And i think its not normal. I use battery doctor but does not seem to work. I tried a couple of apps just to see if it helps my bat last longer. But still thesame. I thought my battery would last for atleast 10 or 12 hours of txting, and surfing but still leaves you with 30 or 20% of battery life. But mine lasts for just about i think 4 to 6 hours of surfing, and txting and after that the battery goes yellow. . I surf for like 2 to three hours and sometimes i download a couple of songs. . Can anyone tell me how long the battery really lasts? Please help. . Thanks.

  2. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    For me the battery lasts 2 days on average (I charge when the battery reaches 25 - 30%), and that is with some browsing, a lot of texting, a whole lot of phone calls and some music playing. Once, I didn't use internet for 3 days and it took 3 whole days to reach 30%. So the P500 has an awesome battery at 1500mAh, its as big as phones which have much bigger screens like the Xperia X10 and Galaxy S.

    Here are some tips to improve battery life:
    1. Turn off all unwanted connectivity options like WiFi, bluetooth, 3G/gprs, GPS, etc. when you aren't using them.
    2. Kill all unwanted background apps.
    3. Reduce screen brightness.
    4. If you're rooted, you can underclock your CPU. But just underclocking will affect your phone's performance, so use a governor and some CPU profiles, like I've set my phone to run at 600MHz when the screen is on (when I'm using the phone) and at the lowest possible frequency when the screen is off and apps aren't running in background. But dont clock your phone at too low a frequency or it may not work.
  3. landzmaster

    landzmaster Member

    Hmmm.. no, my phone is not rooted. . Yes i always turn off unwanted apps but some apps just keep coming back. . And there are apps that are on and im afraid to close them because i might mess up my phone. . I charge for two times a day because after surfing txting and downloading song my bat goes 40 to 30 percent. . Should i replace my bat to new one or what? I dnt know what to do. Sigh. . :(.
  4. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    Those apps keep coming back because they have some task to do, they'll keep coming back till they do it. So each time, dont exit an app using home button, make sure you exit the app properly. back key works for many apps. I dont think you need to replace your battery, it drains quickly when we use 3g.
  5. landzmaster

    landzmaster Member

    so i should use 2g instead??
  6. mak.3736

    mak.3736 Active Member

    yes Lg p500 gives best battery life in its class coz it has 1500mah battery.
    Remember u r using a smartphone, any smartphone has less battery life, but lg p500 should suffice a whole day after full charge according to me.
    Which rom are u using ?
    try these to increase battery life:
    1. lower brightness
    2. Use android booster (free app)
  7. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    u really need to root..!!
    once u do that, u can remove all d bloatware that keeps popping up in d background and hogs ur battery..
    and of all the tasks u should know that Surfing eats up a lot of battery, so 2-3 hrs of surfing and dwnlding is pretty hard actually..
  8. bali41

    bali41 New Member

    I have the same problem..first I have 2.2 android..but since I ve make update to 2.3.3 I charge phone every day..I have task killers..boosters and all that programs..but mail is if someone can halp me...pleace..
  9. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    the first thing u should do is remove all task killers boosters etc..
    that would increase battery life by 10-20% right there..
    other than that, keep 3G usage minimal
    gaming and downloading eats up max battery.
    and Gingerbread for our phone really is a trash..
    try custom roms.. :D

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