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Battery Problem?Support

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  1. ae-ae

    ae-ae New Member

    I just bought my galaxy mini 2 days ago and i noticed that the battery drains so fast or so i thought. I charged the battery and got it at 100%, but after just 7 hours its already at 70% just on stand-by mode. I even lowered the brightness to 0 and turned off my GPS. But I think it still drains faster than a normal battery for a brand new fone.

    Is this a normal issue with galaxy or any android fones?

  2. bullyhunk

    bullyhunk New Member

    galaxy's battery performance is low.anyways check the running applications in task manager as well download a good task killer.avoid live wallpapers and lower your display brightness.that should do it.also de activate 3g\edge and data whenever not needed
  3. venicejw

    venicejw Active Member

    i too face the same problem..couldnt find any better solution to this..Nothing to use with the features of this android fone when am out of home..have to stop even gprs connection to save battery..do all android phones have the same problem?
  4. rufsen

    rufsen Member

    Have anyone tried to disable 3G/GPS/sync/WIFI/Bluetooth and then measured battery life - would be interesting to see! Doing this will largely increase battery life..

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