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  1. EngineBlock

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    My phone wont boot without charger plugged in, although I have found a fix for that and i.e booting the phone in recovery mode (which it does without issues) and then hitting reboot button.

    apart from that, it seems to be charging to 100% very quickly and upon removal of charger, it sometimes keep showing as if mobile is still charging.

    Another strange issue correlated is that if i plug in USB cable, upon removal of USB cable, it would still show cable connected icon and even connect sd card to PC even though there is no physical connection between the two.

    I am a bit confused so as to what thing is causing the issue ? Battery or the port ? It has been 10 months Ive been using this set. Anyone can help ?

    I have changed firmware etc and problem persists. So it's definitely not a software problem


  2. EngineBlock

    EngineBlock Member

    Went to a repair shop and the guy said the phone has short circuited. The repair can be done at risk of phone becoming totally dead. I preferred not to go for repair

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