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  1. AhmedZzz

    AhmedZzz Member

    Hello , my s4 i paid since aug13
    suddenly i was listing to music bettary was 51% .. i opened Facebook and the phone rebooted and when the phone started told me that bettary is 0% and reboot again .. Never stop rebooting until i remove the bettary .. to open my phone again i must put in charger and when it start to charge tell me the bettary is 51% and charging ,, that happened 3 times and not by the same percent ,, 21% , 46% , 51%..
    what the solution ? :(

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    New battery, probably.
  3. AhmedZzz

    AhmedZzz Member

    So what was the cause to take care in new bettary ?
  4. cybertec69

    cybertec69 Well-Known Member

    Go to Verizon, if it's the battery, they will give you a new one at no charge.

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