battery pull, sd card error?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Clementine_3, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. My phone was (still is) getting VERY hot and the battery life was getting bad, all started w/in a week or so, seemingly after the last (not current) Launcherpro update. So I did a battery pull. Well, now I'm getting the 'damaged sd card' error, I've rebooted but still get it.
    Help??! I'm on vacation (of course) and really need a fully functioning phone!
    Not rooted, no 2.2 update.

  2. I should add that I was having a lot of lag and general sluggisness, that's why I did the pull...
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    Normally I would say you should do a factory wipe / data reset if you're having ongoing slowdown issues with the phone. Right now though, with that announcement that 2.1 factory resets are causing a permanent loss of service, I would definitely advise against it. Probably want to wait for your 2.2 update and see if it resolves anything.
  4. Thanks, yeah, I see that there are issues with that!
    I am hooked up to a computer now, the files seem to be intact and I'm transferring them over...hopefully it's just a bad card and I haven't lost too much! Crossing my fingers anyway.
    Would I want to format the card after I get stuff off of it or just cut my losses and buy a new one?
    I need to drive home and will be using maps for navigation, a tad worried about that...probably needlessly but still and all...
  5. Well, I think I know what caused it but have no idea why. Yesterday I took a few videos and they all came out dark, one was mostly static/fuzz. After tranferring all my files the only folder that was empty was DCIM, I lost all of my pictures and videos that I took w/the phone.

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