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  1. Slaps

    Slaps Member

    Hello All.

    I've had the phone about a week now and the battery has only lasted me around 6hrs per charge so I've been looking around for fixes and in the process decided to take the battery out and check it out. The first thing I noticed was the little tab on the bottom was showing pink. Now I've never dropped the thing never mind let water get in it and have had an otter box on it since the night I grabbed it.

    Is it possible that the battery that came with it is bad? I do a lot of texting/IMing but I have 4g turned off, screen brightness set at 15-25% (at work I turn it up to 25 were at home 15% is bright enough.) Or maybe I'm just playing with it too much. But I was wondering about the pink on the battery anyways.


  2. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the pink tab but I would drop by the Verizon store and have them give you a new battery just to rule that out.

    Next, the most demanding drain on the phone is the display. I can call all day but when texting or browsing the screen is on and that drains the battery. Try looking at your "menu>settings>about phone> battery>battery use> " it gives you a list of where the use was distributed, touch on any of the listings and you will get a detailed report.

    I also condition my battery by completely draining it and then fully charging it a few times when it is new but you probably already know about this.
  3. Slaps

    Slaps Member

    Thank you for the responce.

    Yeah the display is showing 77-83% typically. Also I have drained it nothing a few times and tried bumb charging it as well. But I still only seem to get up to 6hrs when I'm at work but I do check it often.

    I may call up verizon and see about getting a replacement battery because I know my wifes phones tab turned pink due to water damage but mine hasn't been exposed at all to water.
  4. Slaps

    Slaps Member

    Well Verizon said the pink was the right color for the rezound battery and he didn't think anything was wrong with it.

    So I ended up buying the extended battery to see how I like it and boy is it huge now. Hopefully the staying power is worth the girth and the removal of the otterbox.

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