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  1. I went on vacation last month, and, of course, ran into battery issues since I was unable to charge

    now what if, I use to home launchers.... one for everyday use, that has widgets going, 7 screens, live wallpapers (if desired), you know, the works.....

    and then have the stock home launcher set up that just has a phone button, text button, camera button and that's it....

    Sortof a "vacation mode" homescreen..... will that save battery?

    gonna test it tomorrow as I can't charge... see how it goes....

  2. Ozymandias88

    Ozymandias88 Well-Known Member

    My battery saving theory:

    24 hours battery life + JuiceDefender = 48 hours battery life

    Still not quite enough for a holiday though.

    I don't think your ever going to get away without your charger for more than a few days when you have a smartphone.
  3. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    pedal powered charger. done.
  4. well, I did it.... went to a waterpark from 9am - 3 then had to work from 4-8 and my phone lasted all day....

    I even played on the inet, took pics and text before I left the waterpark, then, switched it back to my regular homescreen with a crap load of widgets going, and never charged it. Battery was at 50% when I just hooked it up to tether. And I played A LOT on internet, downloaded ringtones, etc at work. I had my charger ready to go at work, never needed it.

    oh wait, I take that back.... I charged it coming home from the waterpark in the truck for 30 minutes. When I hooked it up, it was at 90% at 3pm.

    either way, I'll continue experimenting.... I had just deleted a bunch of unused home launchers this morning, and some other unused apps that may have also been draining the battery on said home launchers....
  5. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    your testing methods are kinda flawed. you dont have a controlled vs experimental. for example.. how do you know how much battery you are draining with all your random widgets vs how much without if you dont even use it the exact same way everytime. You say you went to a water park... obviously you didn't play with it while you are on these water rides (or if you did.. balls to you for somehow keeping it dry) vs random times when you turn on the screen to check the clock other days when you arent at a water park.

    BTW. theres the built-in app to check what is your biggest battery drainer are in the phone, so instead of trying to calculate by hand, just figure out your highest ones.. mine (and almost everyone elses) is obviously the screen.. and then after that it could be many other things. Just disable those, and you will be fine.

    your "home launcher" icons will not save you battery power when they are deleted. if you want to go to "vacation mode", then do this: turn brighness to lowest. disable GPS, disable bluetooth, disable data (3g, H, E, G, everything) set phone to vibrate or sound only so you dont waste both, turn off sound, and dont touch the phone unless you get an incoming call or need to make a call. Last time i did that, I lasted 4 days no charge.

  6. kawasakilewis

    kawasakilewis Member

    1.turn of haptic feedback(touch vibrations), and touch tones
    2.use vibrate as minimum as possible
    3.leave bluetooth, gps, locations, wifi, auto sync, and anything like that off when not in use.
    4.when wifi is in range, use it! it takes alot less time and energy to load things.
    5. keep your screen brightness at a minimum
    6.set your screen dimming options to 30 seconds(lowest) and/or dim the screen immediately when your not using your phone. not use handcent, go, or anything like that, they are a battery drainer believe it or not. not use a different homescreen or different launchers, they eat battery too. not use task killers unless your phone starts acting very very sluggish, and if so(which rarely happens) just reboot your phone. it takes more energy to keep restarting apps than it does to just leave them idle.
    10.keep game playing to a minimum, and when you do play games, turn the volume and vibrations off.
    11.if your in a bad service zone, turn your phone on airplane mode.
    12.turn any push notifications off, or, turn them on longer intervals, so you phone is not always searching.
    13. turn off window animations in your settings, this increases battery life and it also makes your phone faster.
    14. turn off auto rotate.
    15.dont use a screen lock code or pattern

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