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  1. satyamsit

    satyamsit New Member

    Hi friends . this is my first post. i won a G3 and just flashed with JPA 3 days back. Everything is running smooth but with the known battery issue. back up is very poor around 12 hrs a days. beside that i faced a strange problem today. I charged my phone overnight and currently i am in office now. few minutes ago my ph suddenly showed up the notification of "battry full .. plz unplug the charger" while it was not charging. i am really having hell of a time with G3 battery issue. can anyone please suggest how to make it a bit stable.

    poor back up was quite known to me.. but really pissed off with the false notification thing.. plz help.. regards..:(:mad:

  2. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    Try turning the phone off, removing the battery for 10 seconds, placing the battery back in, and turning the phone on. That should remove the faulty notifications.

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