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  1. Cutless009

    Cutless009 New Member

    So the other day whilst using my phone, it locked up for the very first time. Fine, whatever. Reset the phone no biggie. I was at 89% battery when it died. Upon reboot I found that I only had 54% charge. Really? In the time it took to reboot the phone? Wierd... Until now I just wrote it off as a fluke as it never happened again.

    But it just did. Lockup/crash, phone reset, charge goes from 51% to 32% in the time it takes to reboot the phone.

    What the hell?

    First crash:
    Midnight Rom 2.2
    Zedomax Kernel

    Second Crash:
    Midnight Rom 2.2
    w/e kernel comes with the midnight rom (I can't seem to find the name at the moment, but it isn't zedomax).

    Stock clock speeds.

  2. solid_s_1117

    solid_s_1117 Well-Known Member

    This is a known issue with Samsung phones not accurately determining the phone's actual battery charge. Happens to me from time to time on a variety of roms, and as far as I know there is no real solution. Regardless, I would try using the app Battery Calibration from the market.
  3. Samsmalls

    Samsmalls Well-Known Member

    +1 its a Samsung thing! I hate this glitch, your not alone. Its truly a good thing this phone doesn't freeze up frequently. I've noticed its an avg. Of a 20% batt. Loss, only rebooting the phone when needed, I usually hold down the power for about 10 secs. This brings up an auto reboot that doesn't seem as severe as battery pulls & power offs.
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  4. oh no Beast

    oh no Beast Member

    Mine did that too until I calibrated my battery. Only little problem now is when fully charged I will take it off the charger and it drops to 97% in seconds is this normal?

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