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Battery Swap: BlackJack 1 works with Moment!Tips (Browse All)

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  1. mcdevin1973

    mcdevin1973 Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 24, 2009
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    That's right. I tried it last night. It doesn't fit PERFECTLY but it does work (Only the BlackJack 1 battery though. I had the Blackjack 2 and the battery is just a cm too wide).

    The Android system doesn't let you charge the phone with the battery though because it recognizes that it isn't the stock Moment battery.

    I found a small piece of plastic that's flexible to put in the gap where the BlackJack battery doesn't fit entirely in the Moment but I used it all day yesterday, no problems.

    Does anyone know what kind of issues this could cause? I'll post the battery serial & part number later today + the tech specs of the batteries (blackjack & moment).


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