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Battery takes a long time to charge after jellybean updateGeneral

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  1. darryjr

    darryjr Well-Known Member

    Ever since jb update on sprint my phone takes forever to charge.is this a common issue? I put it on charger at 9 last night,woke at 3am only at 80%. I updated a while ago and this seems to have started since than.i have tried different chargers.just wondering if anyone is going through this and if there is a solution.

  2. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    I guess your using an AC outlet in the wall right, not a USB charge connection to the PC?

    Other than that, if your phone charged 80% in 6 hours something is wrong. Could you be mistaken possibly and the wall outlet you are charging from got turned off by the light switch? Maybe your battery is going bad, it does happen
  3. darryjr

    darryjr Well-Known Member

    Thanks for response and yes I am charging with a wall charger. However,I wouldn't think battery is going bad because once charged I am getting about 14 hours use with moderate to heavy calls,games,screen time,etc..
  4. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Who knows. They do go bad. I was just focusing on your "80% in 6 hours" statement. Try to charge it when your up and can monitor it. It should charge to 80% (from almost dead) in less than ~2 hours from an AC outlet
  5. ronbien

    ronbien Well-Known Member

    Chargers and their cords go bad very often. Try another one if you can and see if it is better. You want one with 1amp output.
    Good luck!

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