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battery usage after updateSupport

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  1. duiksmurf

    duiksmurf Member


    last week I installed the JB update on my One-S (OTA 4.1.1) which has the "power save option"

    no matter which setting I use, I seem to speed through my battery in no time

    already rebooted and stuff, noting works.

    I used to get about 29 hours, now I hardly get 14?

    no new apps, or other changed usage

    anybody else recognises this?


  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Have you turned off the power saving option to see if it was the battery draining culprit? Just a thought. Most if not all power saving apps use more power in their saving routine than they conserve.

    You might go into your settings and check running apps to see what might be using more power than you desire. You might have a hog or an app that just didn't take kindly to the upgrade.
  3. duiksmurf

    duiksmurf Member

    well ... it's not an app ... it's a feature? Under settings - power - power saver

    power saving on seems worse than power saving off, but still consumption is way higher than the previous version

    no apps stand out in the reporting

    also, the power save has features on its own (reduce brightness, processor speed, vibration and data) which only can be changed when the power save is set to OFF??

    am i reading this wrong???
  4. DJDust

    DJDust New Member

    Same here too, I've just turned the new "Power Save"option off and will monitor usage and report back... :)
  5. nash211

    nash211 Member

    Shut off the GPS satellite, i went from about 36 hrs to more than 48. reconnect GPS only when you need it.
  6. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    On official ROM [4.1.1] i would highly recommend a "Reset to factory settings" for things to work properly !

    On rooted/AOSP/AOKP ROM's you can have batt draining from the kernel itself [not being properly optimized !] therefore you must search for a stable kernel that it's not batt hungry and it's not under-volted !

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