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Battery usage?Support

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  1. danangdevils

    danangdevils Member

    Hi guys, thought i'd start a thread for people to discuss their battery usage on the One X.

    For example, my battery was at 82% when i woke this morning. i checked facebook for about 5 mins, sent a text and it had dropped to 75%, roughly a % per minute of usage!

    And this is AFTER applying 1.28....

    Anyone else got similar battery stories/issues?

  2. billybodrick

    billybodrick Well-Known Member

    The battery seems to take a couple of minutes to update itself on my phone so sometimes it is like a false reading as it will drop 5 or 6 % like yours but then if you keep using it stops dropping so quick. This normally happens when left idling for hours
  3. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    I had big issues with my phone after the update. It would not last the day. I checked here and found some similar issues. It was mediastreamer that was causing the problems. Did a soft reset and all is now fine.
  4. blacktea

    blacktea Well-Known Member

    I had pretty crappy battery life since the first day I got my phone, I usually need to charge it again during the middle of the day.

    And by 'soft reset', do you mean holding the power button and selecting reset?
  5. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    I am quite a heavy user for phone functions and a little internet but that about all at the moment. It lasts the day.

    A soft reset I meant a reboot. Turn it off and on again without fast boot enabled.

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