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Battery use Media is number 1 and battery is drainingSupport

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  1. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    For some reason my battery is draing QUICK in a couple hours goes dead, thinking must be some bad app? I deleted a few of the last apps I installed but it could be an update, wish it was easier to solve, but now Media is my number one battery usage, even after I uninstalled a couple new apps. Any ideas?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Do you use the phone to listen to music or watch movies?
  3. ColHavoc

    ColHavoc Well-Known Member

    I have noticed one thing with the battery life and my Milestone: Charging via USB results in a shorter lifespan. Seriously, I can usually get an extra day of use out of my Milestone charging it via the wall charger vs. the USB port of my computer. Completely drain the phone and try charging it via the wall charger ( a good 12 hours if you can) and see if that makes a difference.
  4. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    This is idle, for examplae phone was 100% charged when I posted now down to 50% and it was just sitting on my desk, I have it on wifi right now, with airplane mode, but that does not matter as I get same results past few days.
    Media 84%
    Display 9%
    Wifi 5%
    Phone Idle 2%

    Must be some app, I look at running services, when I left it I killed all but keyboard and usb, now its running GtalkService, MediaScannerService all for the same amount of time 4 hours. I do not use Google Talk.
  5. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    Makes no differance at home I have it charged AC with wall at work USB, it seems to be some app that is running I will have to uninstall more apps, tough as it could be one I updated, hate to have to a factory restore but this is bad 4 hours sitting and 50% battery.
  6. firefight16

    firefight16 Active Member

    Well I uninstalled a few apps, but problem is I had updated a few and not sure which one might be killing my battery? No luck after four or five, battery getting drained quick and media shows up as #1 on battery use still. So I did a factory reset my first one on an android, have plenty of experience being an early Palm guy then a WM user, this was the easiest by far, only thing is I wish the market would keep a record of what apps I had installed, then I could go one by one.

    Well after reset same problem, WTF, then I was playing with Android music app wanted to set my default ring tone and it would not stop SD card scanning, looked online no help, so i figured i will take off all music from card, I had used card as a stick and had three movies on it that Android could not play but I was giving to a buddy at work, kids had my 16 GIG stick at home with some other movies so why not just use the phone. Well after I took off the movies from the card the Music app now worked, and guess what, Media and battery are now normal in fact Media does not even show up on battery meter.

    Problem solved, and as I had Dark Knight converted on my phone since day one it was not the problem, as the draining started a couple days ago exact time I dragged those two other movies on there.
  7. ColHavoc

    ColHavoc Well-Known Member

    Congrats on solving the issue and thanks for posting the answer, might help some other users in the future.
  8. Capt Intellect

    Capt Intellect New Member

    So is the issue that it was using up battery life to scan all the media on your SD card. And the solution was just taking the media off your card?
  9. ralbertina

    ralbertina Member

    I'm having the same problem. Battery drains in 4 hours, even in standby mode. Media is the #1 running process that is consumming the battery. I appears to be the application "MediaScannerService" that is continuously running. I to believe it relates specifcally to mp4 movies that I placed on the SD Card. I'm eleminating them to see if that solves the problem.
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