Battery use on GT540 : DSupport

  1. waddups

    waddups New Member

    hello nice to meet you all : )
    just wanting to know if there is something in the settings to reduce the battery use as i am charging my phone every few hours!
    thanks guys

  2. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Download a Task Killer (Not the Automatic Ones) & always kill the processes you don't need... And also while charging your mobile, turn it off and then charge it... If you charge it while it's on then it won't charge fully...
  3. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    the applications using internet will suck the battery. I switch off mobile network (net) so the battery lasts around 2 days.

    If I keep on touching the phone it'll go off within 8 hours :D
  4. TDW

    TDW New Member

    set mobile network to 2G mode.. when you not using 3G options..that saves the battery..

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