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  1. aravind.mosale

    aravind.mosale New Member

    I bought Samsung Galaxy Ace couple of weeks back. I am very much concerned about the battery life.:( Its not even lasting for a day now. When i checked the 'Battery use', 'Battery used by cell radio' is consuming as high as 73% of the battery.
    Is there a way to tackle this? I checked in the other posts, wherein, its been told to put in the flight mode. But then, i will not able to recieve or make calls. Neither do i have Wi-Fi at home. Hence, i can't go in for either of these options.
    Please suggest how to make the battery last long.


  2. aceuser

    aceuser Well-Known Member

    kill all apps running in back ground or use a ADVANCE TASK KILLER
  3. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    try using 2g connection insteadof the 3g one...

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