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  1. ak1984

    ak1984 New Member

    Hey everybody! When I check what has been using my battery, I see that 32% has been used for "Battery used by cell radio". Does anyone know what that means? Does it refer to the FM radio? Because I made sure that was not turned on. I was just wondering. Thanks!

  2. That is the radio the cell phone uses for phone calls and data, it has to be on. If you turn it off you will not be able to receive/send phone calls or 3g data. If you do not expect to use it for phone calls or 3g data, you can turn it off. And use wimax or wifi for just data. But text messages, 3g data, and phone calls will not work.
  3. ak1984

    ak1984 New Member

    Ohh ok. Thanks so much for answering!:D
  4. Pahkasika

    Pahkasika New Member

    That helped me too. Another thing in my HTC Magic that consumes batter is Phone being Idle. Does anyone know what that means? These two are my main battery users and my battery wont even last the entire day. :(
  5. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Idle means that it's just sitting there waiting for something to happen. Notice how in an instant, the phone can ring? That's because it's already turned on, with software loaded into memory. The fact that i's just sitting there with the screen off and not being used, means that it's drawing much less power than if you were streaming music while surfing the net.

    Think of your car sitting at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green. Your car is in an idle state.

    When my phone is dormant at night and NOT plugged in, I get about 1/3 of the power is cell standby, 1/3 is phone idle, and 1/3 is WiFi. If I turn off the WiFi at night, and also disable the 3G, I can save 1/3 of my idle power consumption...however, while idle, the phone seems to use about 1% per hour over a 7 hour span of time. Turning off the 3G and WiFi will only gain me 2-3% of my total battery. It's not worth it to be OCD about something like that, but at least I know how to get more time out of it if I need to.
  6. Pahkasika

    Pahkasika New Member

    Cheers! I feel bit dummy now but I get it now. lol It just bit annoying when it runs out of battery all the time. I've been late from work cos it consumed its entire battery during the night from 100% to 0% and leaving me with no alarm. I've since started to keep it on charger during the night.
  7. TLRR

    TLRR New Member

    This has happen to me too, I woke up late because my phone died in the middle of the night and it was the first time it has ever happened. Also, I noticed that my "Cell Standby" is 81%. Is there anything I can do to make that go down?
  8. intanet

    intanet Member

    I have a Craig NETBOOK with Android 2.2 installed. I don't make or receive calls or use 3G (I use my home network to connect the Netbook WiFi through my Linksys router). My cell radio standby is almost always 78% usage. Battery seems to be going much quicker than my previous Netbook that didn't have Cell Radio listed in "See what's using your battery" of the Settings sub menu.

    Can I turn this seeking for cell radio off. Over the past few weaks I have read a lot about this problem with no simple solution. I am routed with z4root and have Total Commander to view system files and Terminal Emulator with superuser status to enter codes. But I heard that deleteing Phone.apk, and Telephony.apk is a no no. (two of the offending apps) Is there anything else I can do to stop this unnecessary drain on my Netbook battery?

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