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  1. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Well-Known Member

    I have had my Rezound for four days now. No problems so far (knock on wood), but i noticed something. When the phone is on, and plugged in either by USB or regular charger, it will not register 100% and the LED will not turn green. When it is turned off, it turns green and i get 100% when i turn it on. Weird bug? Anyone else have this? Any way to correct it?

    Not really an issue, just thought it odd.

  2. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

  3. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Well-Known Member

    I have read that before. Mine doesn't ever get to 100% while charging with the phone on.
  4. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    Mine can really be stubborn as well. Usually, mine shows 99% in the morning, and I guess if that whole article is correct, my battery widget is very accurate. I'm considering getting rid of that app so I don't obsess over it, since I'm so dang CDO (OCD in alphabetical order) :p
  5. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    Mine takes a while to get to 100%, but it always gets there. Usually 30-40 minutes after it gets to 99%, but it always goes to 100.

    I use "battery life" widget.
  6. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Many devices have a regulator that goes into trickle charge as the device gets close to 100%. This is what you may be experiencing.

    Mine goes from no charge to full charge in about 3 1/2 hours. The led does go to green. I get about to 90% charge in about 2 hours.

    Now if I only slightly discharge it then it can take a while to go back to green but it does get there. Individual batteries, like people, can have their own quirks.

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