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  1. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    I just wanna say I've only had this phone since lunchtime Friday but this thing so far has amazing battery life that far outweighs any Android device I've owned so far. I've been off charger with screen on reading forums the past 10 minutes and still my batt is at a killer 100%. prevail, warp, hydro, all those would have been to about 90% or less by now. beast mode.

  2. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    half an hour later with constant heavy use (music, Web browsing, and video) batt is holding strong at 94%. I'd say this is a win :)
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  3. KennyFiesta

    KennyFiesta Active Member

    Yeah the battery is on point.

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