Battery's dead, any external power solutions?

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  1. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    Lately it was doing weird things like going from 80% to "-1%" after some apps. It woyld recharge though. I was dealing with a dying battery but I didnt realize it until the charger wire broke and I had to buy a new one. Since I couldn't charge the tab, it was completely dead for...2-3 days. I had to call around to sevel Verizon stores because only one of them-tge one farthest away of course still had the charger for the original tab.

    After finding a store that had it, I gladly bought the new charger and rushed to the nearest outlet to revive the tab after 3 days. I plugged it in and...nothing...nothing...the battery icon wouldn't even show on the screen. Volume+power button reboot didn't work. Verizon customer service rep wouldn't be any help at all, but I called anyway outta grief :). After that pointless call...I had to face reality that my trusty assistant of the last 2 years was gone :(. If that charger would have never given way, I'd probably still be using it now. That was actually keeping the already dead battery on life support.

    My insurance had expired after 12 months, so I couldnt steal another one for cheap. My upgrade for a newer tablet is the end of January thanfully :). So its not worth getting a whole new unit now, that I'll not need in a month. So I might as well wait. I had 600 pictures from a New Orleans trip that I had yet to transfer to the PC, but I was told that's safely secured on the 16G card :). PHEW...

    I also have the Galaxy Nexus cellphone. So I can simply reload all the apps to there, itsvgoogle also. I prefered the tab because the screen was bigger-and the Nexus' battery life STINKS :). Part of me still wants to power it up again one last time before I get the latest Google tab. Any external power sources you can point me to?

  2. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    I almost forgot, I got ANOTHER multi-media device, but wasn't paying much attention to it because its primarily a mobile gaming device, my Sony Vita :). Messed around with the browser, and its passable! I can watch movies and play music and photos on that. So my wait for an upgrade is less painful :). Screen is slightly bigger than the Nexus, and the battery lasts longer.
  3. TurtleRunner

    TurtleRunner Well-Known Member

    Just be careful with a dying battery, I'm not sure if it was the constant charging or excessive heat, but the battery ended up expanding like it was going to blow.
    As for external batteries, you can probably try this ravpower I was lucky enough to snag this while the Christmas sales were going on.
  4. Prepaidguy9081

    Prepaidguy9081 Well-Known Member

    Google how to restore bricked galaxy tab
    Folow the comma guide for verizion

    My tab
    No battery logo when charging
    No power on
    No recovery
    Botted int download mode then power or somthing to get to the tab n computer with a big triangle in between
    Pushe stock firmware with hemidall and boosh up and runing. Make sure u sit it on the charger for a day. Even when it dosent show anything its charging

    Provided u are using a 2amp samsung charger. I have two 2 amp chargers one samsung one not. The note ii works with both. The galaxy tab only works on the samsung one.

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