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  1. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    Hey, does anyone have any good battlefield 3 wallpapers (maybe those winter mountain ones) to fit galaxy note screen nicely? Thanks.

  2. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

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  3. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    Hey, thanks for the welcome. A wallpaper is very nice, my bad I forgot to mention a couple of things.. Is it possible to get 1 withou any watermarks and soldiers/tanks, pretty much just environment? Thanks again.
  4. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Ah... Sorry then, removing the tanks and soldiers etc. is a little out of my league. I did take out the Battlefield logo for you though... Maybe at least that's better.


    I also found this one that's vaguely similar in style and tinted and cropped it.


    I think that's about the best I can do for ya.
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  5. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    The second one is what I am looking for, thank you very much :) Of course if you get any more please post.

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