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  1. cellularticulate

    cellularticulate New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 14, 2010
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    I've spent hundreds of dollars on blackberry phones getting used to "enterprise" software, and frankly, a much more inferrior phone that what I was paying for. Thankfully, I had managed to get all the features I needed w/T-mobile for free (I got the Blackberry Feature enabler which allowed me to do everything but surf).

    I realized why I was in a rather unfortunate position having a blackberry after I purchased the pearl flip. I enjoyed it as a phone, but it was so freaking slow! So, so freaking slow....

    Anyways, the PhoneBook/Address Book was great. I wish that could be easily replicated on the AndroidOS, but It wasn't worth it. Plus, having an android phone that does have a full keyboard does keep me from text-driving.

    Seriously though. I was going through my mom's motorola krzr and I did a batch transfer of all her contacts to the sim card - so when I upgrade that phone for her, importing will be much, much easier.

    I figured it was going to be like every blackberry phone I had used since the 7100t.

    Holy shit was I wrong. Options. Select All. Export to Sim Phone Book. Done. I knew that the next time I entered the T-mobile store I was going to get myself the Motorola Cliq.



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