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BBC Iplayer Anyone have any news re downloads?Support

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  1. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    BBC Iplayer seems to work okish now on the Hox+, but still with no facility to download. Does anyone have any idea when we are going to get this on Android? I have had no joy myself with the BBC.

    Does anyone have any simple methods for downloading BBC programmes to the phone to watch later? (I'm not rooted.)

  2. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    It is doubtful you will see the ability to download to android as the beeb are worried about the ease of root access on the devices. But this really is down to their poor DRM protection, as they are finding their shows on newsgroups etc..
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  3. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Hi Jay thanks for reply, in case you are interested got this back from the BBC:-

    Dear Mr *****

    Reference CAS-1913823-VHH92B
    Thanks for contacting the BBC iPlayer Support Team.
    I understand that you would like to know when it will be possible to download programmes using the BBC iPlayer app for Android.
    This feature is coming in the future, but we are still some months away from being able to provide it. Unfortunately we have no more information about the update at the moment.
    I hope this has been helpful, and once again thank you for contacting us.
    Kind Regards
    Jack Archer

    Not much use!!!! if they don't know (or care) then I guess nobody does.

    Going abroad for 2 weeks so in order to watch the 6 Nations rugby matches will be using daughter's Ipad where Iplayer works a treat!
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  4. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    Great bit of information there greatsnoring. :)
  5. billbullock

    billbullock Member

    Can you tell me how to set up an iPad for watching BBC iPlayer from outside the UK?

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