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Be careful! Get a Rockchip Tablet or Get out!

  1. pcSirk

    pcSirk Member

    Letting everybody know that's interested in the android tablet PCs, be careful what you buy! Theres a lot of tablets out there with the VIA/WM cpus. Those tablets are VERY slow:mad:. You'll want the Rockchip CPU or the Telechips, which are two hot performers. I got mine from www.dreemusa.com. if you see an AD for a tablet and it doesn't have Rockchip listed, don't trust it!

    Just my 2cents and recommendation.:D

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  2. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of rubbish tablets around.

  3. Thanks, really kind of you :)
  4. koppit

    koppit Well-Known Member

    Yeah, couldn't have put it better myself.
    In all cases, read a review or watch a video before you buy - and make sure you buy from a reputable seller!
  5. davemonfl

    davemonfl Member

    Merimobiles has confirmed Rockchip apad/moonse/irobot tablets, and although they ship from China, they offer a year warranty for which you send it to Canada for repair/replacement. They are not as inexpensive as some sites but currently are including a free case and at least you know what you're getting and that if something goes wrong they will take care of it without having to send back to China.
  6. ConfusedbyLinux

    ConfusedbyLinux New Member

    I am really confused. Should, I wait for something like the Zenithink iPad
    or get one of the Rockchip units. I love the pads but I can't afford a iPad.
    Thanks to the poster for the link by the way.
  7. koppit

    koppit Well-Known Member

    The Zenithink looks very similar to other devices on the market right now - not sure if I could say one way or another, but the ARM Cortex is comparable to the Rockchip speeds, definitely.
  8. Eddiman

    Eddiman Member

    What are your thoughts on Dreem tablet, is it worth the 200 dollars? And the screen, is it resistive or capacitive?
  9. koppit

    koppit Well-Known Member

    It's resistive, afaik.
    I think that it's worth the $200, but if you can hold off for a little while longer, many more better tablets will be arriving.
  10. Rana_Droid

    Rana_Droid Member

    I dont know what your talking about . Theres alot of bullshit out there. I have the Apad Moonse e7001. ITS A BADASS UNIT !!!!! Its def worth it !!! VERY FAST also. Here are specs.
    Dual Core CPU600MHz+DSP550MHZ
    Processor frequency
    DDR 128MB
    Expansion of storage devices
    Micro SD card (Up to 32GB SDHC), Flash Drives
    LCD display
    7 "TFT touch screen, 800
  11. dazzlet

    dazzlet Active Member

    can any of the tablets have a software upgrade of android to such as 2.1.or 2.2 as i see there are lots around and some have android 1.5 some 1.6 and some 1.7.
  12. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    I don't think they ever released a 1.7 as it went from 1.6 to 2.0 :)
  13. Brookstone

    Brookstone Member

    I think you should be a bit patient. From its released specifications, it should be some better than other devices. Just hold your money and wait for some time, maybe one or two weeks. I heard Zenithink would be released its first batch in middle of this month. It is worthy, because there will be one more options for you at least!

    PCSirk complained his XPads were very slow, I think it is not only related to CPU, also memory capacity, now most of the XPads in market feature with 128MB RMA. That is a faulty stroke in painting, and of course people should not expect how smoothly the devices run.
  14. pcSirk

    pcSirk Member

    Another warning, be careful. theres some crappy rockchip tablets circulating. I know this sounds crazy, but I bought one from a seller in China and it is CRAP. Terrible touchscreen, wifi doesnt work right, horrible.

    I still love my tablets from Dreem (I ended up buying another one from them). They've got the best quality of tablets I have seen yet and these guys are easy to deal with.
  15. lopezbnj

    lopezbnj Well-Known Member

  16. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

    I had read this morning that you cant upgrade the OS of a Rockchip tablet to Android 2.0, that it was only as good as 1.6.
  17. pcSirk

    pcSirk Member

    Cant upgrade to 2.0.. at least not until theres a hack, but i dont mind the 1.6 for now. I've been buying these from Dreem and selling them to everybody I know. They have them for $150 for 10 which is a sweet deal for this tablet. Its authentic version 2 with the webcam (for those that keep up), so you know it's the best rockchip tablet available. Im thinking about opening up a stand at the fleamarket with these things. Im on my 4th order of 10 for the past few weeks. Every time i sell one to a friend their friends want one too. lol. can barely keep up, and im making about $100 a piece on them.

    heres the link to where i get this deal.. you're welcome :)

    Dreem Technologies - Authentic Rockchip aPad (v2!) Android Internet Tablet PC (MID)
  18. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

    Does it have access to Android market?

    MAN I wish my friends had that kind of money!
  19. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    yeah i was gonna say... your friends must all be the kind that have to have the latest thing out. none of my friends (let alone 40 of them) would all want these things. otherwise you must be a fantastic salesperson.
  20. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

    I'm that guy in my circle, but usually have to wait for money and such.
  21. pcSirk

    pcSirk Member

    lol. im definitely not a sales person. every friend I know wants one, and its not just my friends, but their friend's friends are coming to me now to get one. Most of these people wanted to buy an ipad and didnt even know something like this existed. It's gotta be the "im cool, ive got an android tablet" factor. Not sure, but it sells itself, and Im not going to complain. I've made a mint off these little things. :) The android market doesnt work out of the box but after a firmware upgrade it works fine. Theres a bunch of firmware available for these things if you search google. Makes the machine a beast of a pad.
  22. jediknight36

    jediknight36 Well-Known Member

    If it were not for that resitive screen, I would have grabbed one. Getting an iPad, and the HTC EVO4G and when the Google Tablet comes out in November, probably get that too.

    Since so many are coming out soon, Im forgetting the iPad. Too exciting!
  23. Artologic

    Artologic New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I was wondering if the arm and zt tech cpu s where this bad too?

    Friendly greetings
  24. XMP

    XMP Member

    gpad - buy gpad at pandawill.com

    $178 7" 800mhz proc.. 1 proc not 2 and called dual lol. Multi touch screen. Android store accually works on the unit. Just came out last week and everyone who got one.. loves them.
  25. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    From Dreems specs, featuring new processor spec math!:p

    CPU 600MHz Rockchip2808 CPU + 600MHz Advanced DSP Performance

    1.2GHz Total Rated Performance

    And if you tape an old Intel 1ghz Celeron to the case, you would have 2.2ghz TRP!

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