be careful will brick... but closest to cm7 anyone has gotten

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  1. myk3916

    myk3916 Well-Known Member

    cyanogenmod for the coby kyros 7016, thinking the fwdn image should work for the 7012 cause its the same exact tablet, except, no hdmi or bluetooth... stripped down cheaper version...

    CyanogenMod for Telechips |

    i want to try it, but i cant seem to hack the damn image to work on cwm... it should work, but i cant hack it...

    i also built a custom kernel from source.. didnt work...

  2. myk3916

    myk3916 Well-Known Member

    i have also requested a cm7 7012 port, but that was about 6 months ago, nothing...
  3. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

    would love to try a custom rom, i bought this for netflix and thats the thing it cant

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