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  1. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    Someone has got to break the ice around here.

    Can't wait to test this one out in store somewhere.
    They could sure have an awesome demo area just for this phone. Make a tiny mock theatre with 4 seats set up and the Beam used as the movie projector. It could even keep people occupied while they wait for the slow service typically found in phone stores. :D

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  2. parente

    parente New Member

    I Will buy one
  3. rosser725

    rosser725 Active Member

    It would probably do better if it was cheaper and they did a little spec bump for it..
  4. DoctorClu

    DoctorClu Member

    Wow $500 for this puppy. There are a few things I would need to know before I made the jump.

    For example, what keyboards work with it? Does the Magic Box projection (bluetooth) keyboard work with it? If so, that would be worth it to me at that point.
  5. Rayenvs

    Rayenvs New Member

    When'll the beam get updated to jellybean?

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