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  1. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    So let me get this straight... The beats audio Is only in play when using headphones? bc that's the only time the logo appears.... I had an argument with an iphone4s user about this today at work and I'd like to be more educated.. He argues there is no way the phone can enhance the sound of regular headphones and that the beats audio must be a gimmick.... Anyone who can shed some light is more than welcome :D

  2. guywithbluepants

    guywithbluepants Well-Known Member

    I work for a major satalitte company it is possible for a device to increase the sound of what's connected to it for example if you have a cable box connected to a crappy tv the box will try to compensate for that loss same. With the phone and let him know the phone does have a speaker that. Is also made by dre beats as far as I know so it will help to compensate for crappy headphones.
  3. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Well-Known Member

    There isn't any hardware in the phone that is beats. It is all software, similar to an equalizer and works just the same.
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  4. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    So the actual speaker.. The hardware... Has nothing to do with beats?
  5. guywithbluepants

    guywithbluepants Well-Known Member

    A equalizer is hardware thou and I do see what mean I still feel that they included monster hardware thou
  6. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Well-Known Member

    No, if it did "beats" would be working all the time and not just when headphones are in. The same way that you can change how songs sound when using an equalizer is what beats does. They just market it as "Beats audio sound" they pump up the bass
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  7. Tommydaniel

    Tommydaniel Well-Known Member

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  8. exclamation_mark

    exclamation_mark Well-Known Member

    The logo pops up when I use Pandora, YouTube, or anything else that makes sounds with my headphones plugged in.
    The way I understood it was that the beats audio on the phone was software and the beats headphones played the hardware side of it all. The sounds or listening experience was supposed to be "better" with the beats audio headphones. Personally, I have yet to find better head phones than my Bose, but I have never tried the beats ones either so there ya go. :D
  9. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Hmm kind of disappointed.. They also marketed it like the beats experience would be all around.. Whether using headphones or not.. Granted... The speaker is definetly louder... I was just under the impression the actual speaker itself was monster/beats....
  10. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Beats Audio is an EQ curve that is applied to the sound output of the headphone jack and the BT connection, so if you have BT headphones, the phone and software recognize this and activates the SOFTWARE EQ curve in built into the OS.

    you can turn this EQ curve off or add another "sound enhancement" curve in the music player on the device.

    Beats Audio is registered with Dr. Dre and affiliated companies and Dr. Dre has also licensed a line of headphones that are designed to use the Beats Audio sound curve to further produce a more richer sound experience.

    the speaker on the device does not have the capacity to play any frequencies that the Beats Audio sound enhancement will affect, hence why the physical speaker on the device is not able to take advantage of the EQ setting of Beats Audio.

    the marketing is not deceptive from what I have seen and many of the ads have the "*" next to this and in fine print tells you how to experience it. I do also believe the manual speaks about Beats Audio and how you can get use out of it.

    and to add, there are PHYSICAL EQ boxes. they were big staples in home audio back in the 80s and phased out into the late 90s. they were changed into "software curves" on equipment (POP, ROCK, JAZZ, etc etc and so forth).

    hope I was able to shed some light on this.
  11. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    My old man still has a physical eq connected to his turntable and reel to reel music rig, pretty sweet setup. I used to listen to all kinds of sweet classic rock on his vinyl, and reel to reel tapes. :D
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  12. byebyev8

    byebyev8 Member

    Why is it that no EQ in the market wont work with this phone? Side note Beats Audio sucks a big fat one! Is it me or was this phone released with nothing ready for it. Phone is awesome but wtf sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Does DSP manager work?

    I'm no audiophile, so I don't personally know
  14. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Try Music Volume EQ in the Play Store. It's a free app and it's pretty good. Also try an app simply called Equalizer, that's pretty decent to.
  15. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Beats audio + Klipsch S4A ear buds = Premium Sound
  16. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    PowerAmp. 10 band premium player. Free version.
  17. strider70

    strider70 Well-Known Member

    I'm not an audiophile.

    Agreed Beats is not that great.

    Beats is my 2nd/3rd choice.
    I usually just use the predefined "Dance" since it delivers the amount of bass and treble I'm looking for.
  18. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    I enjoy the beats enhancement. But then again I listen to "dre" kinda music.
  19. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Like others have said I see the Beats audio icon pop up when I run other apps like Pandora, Youtube, Netflix, and Tune-In Radio. It also pops up when I connect to my Monster iClarityHD bluetooth speaker when playing music off my SD card. Really doesn't do a whole lot to enhance the sound though.

    I usually use the Music Volume EQ app found in the Play Store in conjunction with the "Sweetness" EQ setting in the Sound Enhancement settings on the stock music player app. Seems to work pretty well. Also the Mixzing audio player app has a nice EQ band you can adjust as well.

    I read somewhere that the Beats setting seems to work mostly with Beats branded earbuds/cans. IMO it seems like just a marketing ploy to get you to buy those crappy, overpriced headphones.
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  20. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Yep, I'm one of those dorks that actually buys Dre instrumentals.

    I use Mixzing as well.
  21. byebyev8

    byebyev8 Member

    Let me explain. When I plug my EVO 4g LTE into my Tahoe to listen to my large catalog of music. The stock music player on the phone does not work with any eq app in the market. The music is not anywhere near as loud as the og EVO. Adjusting the eq does not change the sound at all. I'm sure it will be fixed down the road. Well I hope.

    Side note. Kinda confused why my post was put here. I don't have a question about audio beats, it sucks and that is end of story. I want to know why no eq app in the store,, won't work with the stock music player on the phone.
  22. ironbrewer

    ironbrewer Well-Known Member

    I don't really care for the beats eq. It just boosts low and high ends a bit. Right now I'm experimenting with Power Amp, but not sure I like it. Everytime i plug in my headphones it turns on my music even if i'm trying to listen to something else. i think the beats makes the music muddier. I'm still trying to figure out what DAC (digital to analog converter) the Ltevo has. It seems nobody knows. The Samsungs have a wolfson DAC which is highly praised by audiophiles. I have some nice earphones which sound pretty good on the Ltevo though.
  23. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Well that's the biggest complaint from audiophiles about Beats headphones. It makes the music muddier. I listen to mostly alternative, classic rock and experimental electronic music and Beats just don't cut it IMO. Rap and pop music fans are the crowd that Beats are targetting.
  24. kct1975

    kct1975 Well-Known Member

    Maybe a dumb question...but...

    To use the Beats Audio, do you have to use headphones or can you connect the the phone to external speakers and get the same "Beats Experience" ?
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  25. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    You can do Bluetooth connections and still get beats I believe.

    Anything through the headphone jack should also work.

    I think my origaudio external speaker works, but I doubt it would help it.

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