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  1. Asdrual

    Asdrual Active Member


    I have a question i looking for pair of new headphones and I am seriously considering some beats or the upcoming monster purity. my question is if the ControlTalk , controls, work with the android device. specifically Samsung Galaxy SII

  2. finalfantasy7

    finalfantasy7 Well-Known Member

    read reviews about the headphones if there that good, because most headphones are good in some genres of music like the beats are good for hip hop and dance, but not that good if your into heavy metal. read reviews because you can buy better headphones but they cost more.

    controls will work on android.
  3. For a mobile device I would recommend the Beats Pro HD.

    And from all the reviews I have been reviewing everything works on android
  4. roccotanto

    roccotanto Member

    "Beats" is nothing but a HUGE moneymaking venture for Dre and Jimmy Iovine. and i refuse to use ANYTHING associated with Monster Cable as well.

    there are MUCH better performing headsets out there than those "beats" phones -- those things are FASHION ACCESSORIES. trust me. buy them if you wanna LOOK cool. if you want something that SOUNDS good, go with sennheiser or sony or any other established pro audio company

    as someone who has been in the music biz (including the major label game) for over 20 years, trust me when i tell you that the whole "beats" thing is just designed to separate kids from their cash......yeah, they are decent.......but not worth even HALF what people are paying for them. do your research, and don't be a "consumer".
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  5. mikabuc

    mikabuc Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more!!! I've got some Kicker in ears that are the best sounding in ears I have ever! heard. That "Beats by Dre" is hilarious. I can't believe anyone other than a juvinile would purchase those. You should punch yourself in the nuts if you do.
    Monster Cable cables are just as big a waste of money as well, if not more.
    Bose, Klipsh, Bang and Oluffsen(sp), Kicker or like stated Sennheiser, or any other Company that has been in the game for years would beat the snot out of Dre's stuff, I would put money on that.

    To help prove my point, try finding the technical specs for "Beats" it's not on their website, and I couldn't find them with a Google search.
    Other MFGs who are proud of their stuuf, and can back up their product usually proudly display their specs for comparing them against other MFGs.
  6. dogbertus

    dogbertus Well-Known Member


    I owned a pair of the mid-size Beats (can't remember the exact name and not inclined to look it up.) They were on-the-ear headphones. Sound was solid but not solid enough to justify the price, though luckily I didn't pay for them (company I used to work for gave them to me.) Anyway, I had them for about two weeks and they snapped in half. Useless.

    I bought myself a pair of over-the-ear Sennheisers two years ago and they work excellently well to this day.
  7. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Nothing wrong with Beats. They are price just like any top of the line headphones. On Android if you use PowerAmp app, they should work for what you ask.
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I'd say everything is wrong ins something that has the equivalent sound quality of another device that is half the price, or less than half the price.
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  9. mikabuc

    mikabuc Well-Known Member

    "Beats by Dre" is nothing more than a gimmick. You should feel ripped off if you do purchase any "Beats" product. You are paying for Dre's name, not quality.
  10. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    Last time I checked, we all pay for someone's name. If an individual want to use his or her money to buy beats, bose or whatever, why should I get upset. It's their choice. Just because it say Dre, everyone want to knock it.
  11. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Not everyone actually, as has been stated above, its designed to get the kids' money.

    A kid who has fashion and looking good in mind would probably choose Dre no matter how much it costs over the competition, no matter how better the competition could be. Kinda like iSheep, but then I'm starting to think that Monster copied Apple's strategy here.

    An audiophile or someone who goes for quality would go for a Sennheiser over Beats anyday. Heck I was at the PowerMac Center a week ago (At least that's a place I can be sure the headsets are original. A lot of fake ones going around here in my country nowadays). My headset for my phone broke and I needed a new one on a bit of a budget. I tried the cheapest Beats I found (costs about $200). The sound was decent enough, a little better quality than the $50 Philips in ear headset. The $80 Sennheisers I saw blew it away. It was a simple thing really, why should I buy something so ridiculously overpriced when the competition was way better?
  12. Raron

    Raron Member

    Right said. Had a pair of beats as a present. Use it for a month ended up reverting back to Sennheiser.

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