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Beautiful Widgets Day/Night

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  1. leonardotmnt

    leonardotmnt Active Member

    I just got a Galaxy S3 and I really like the Touchwiz clock/weather widget but I'm trying out Nova launcher. I found a couple replacements for the widget in the theme store but I have a couple issues/questions with them. The first is that it's dark out but the widget is saying it's Partly Sunny. Is there a way to rectify this? The second question is that the normal Touchwiz widget will change from a daytime widget to nighttime when it's dark out. Will any of the Touchwiz themes do that or would I have to download both a day and night theme and change them manually? Is there a way to auto-change them if I need two? Thanks!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    No they won't Beautiful Widgets change with refresh, the icon will turn from a sun to a moon.
  3. leonardotmnt

    leonardotmnt Active Member

    I'm talking more how the regular Touchwiz weather widget will turn from day to night and the widget will darken like night time. Or can the beautiful widget themes only show one or the other?

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