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Beeping when chargingSupport

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  1. scaniajess

    scaniajess New Member

    I have only had my phone for two weeks and so far its been working fine until tonight when i noticed it beeping now and again when its on charge and the phone then lights up. So far its been charging for an hour and has beeped 11 times off and on. The percentage is going up as normal though. Any idea why this is happening? I kept thinking I hadnt secured the charger in the phone properly and was loose but not the case.

  2. athiel13

    athiel13 New Member

    I am having this exact same issue you describe. Would love to know how to fix it.
  3. Torero20

    Torero20 Member

    I'm having the same damn issue but it's beeping WAYYYYY more and it's getting really annoying.

    Anybody got a fix? I've only had it for two days...
  4. EpicMindWarp

    EpicMindWarp Well-Known Member

    That happens with my in-car charger and I think it's because the connection is a bit loose. Are you charging through a case?
  5. Torero20

    Torero20 Member

    No I'm not but my Seidio Surface case should arrive today.

    Late last night I tried powering off the phone while charging it so that it wouldn't make the noise and so it would charge faster.

    An hour later I turned it back on and the battery was still at the same level.

    But you are right about it not making a good connection because when I open the battery screen under settings, every time it beeps it goes from charging to not charging and vice versa.
  6. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I would suggest a new USB cable to make a solid connection.
  7. Torero20

    Torero20 Member

    Thank you. I just tried using my old phone's cable and it works fine. Looks like I need to stop by the Sprint store and exchange it.
  8. Truthful

    Truthful New Member

    Just unplug the usb cable from the wall adapter thingy and plug the usb cable into your laptop or PC. Charges promptly with no annoying beeping or screen coming on.

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