Before & After Pics!

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  1. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    If you're not too shy, post a picture of yourself now (when you start the challenge) and then, after the 30 days, post another picture. Should you continue to participate and improve the way you look and feel, you're welcome to keep this going and posting your pic every 30 days!

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  2. BitStern

    BitStern Member

    No reply yet? I guess, you have to go first ;)
  3. rubelwatson

    rubelwatson New Member

    I think every one is "Coy" here,so there is no pic's added so far..
  4. TedBear2

    TedBear2 Active Member

    Rob, Come on. Post your pics first! Only when you start first will others follow.
  5. doadingcruel

    doadingcruel Member

    Best Answer
    Yeah, Rob! You started this so you should go first! :)

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