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  1. Lautermilch

    Lautermilch Member

    I was on Verizon many years ago with the first RAZR and was disgusted the way it was locked (ringtones for one.)

    So I have to get off MetroPCS and for the money the RAZR M looks to be pretty good. But before I buy I wanted to make sure I can upload files to it without having to root the phone?

  2. k3davis

    k3davis Member

    I don't have any experience with THIS particular phone (at least, not yet) but I've never had or seen an Android on Verizon where you couldn't mount the SD card as a drive on a computer with a USB cable and copy anything to it you wanted, including ringtones.
  3. gpanton

    gpanton New Member

    I have owned the M for a week now and yes, I copied the ringtones from my Thunderbolt SD card to the M SD card.
  4. klopus

    klopus Member

    And I ported custom ringtones from my iPhone, so no worries.

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