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  1. ryerke

    ryerke New Member

    I understand that using a system as root is normally considered a security risk. I know that, for instance, if I run my computer as root, I can unintentionally allow an attacker admin access to it. Are there then security risks that might apply to gaining root in a phone? If I 'root' the phone, does that not cause the phone to boot with an unauthenticated root access? I just want to make sure that I am not exposing my android O/S to potential exploits before I do the procedure.
    Any insight will be helpful.

  2. ryerke

    ryerke New Member

    Does no one have an answer? Am I correct in my understanding that the device will boot into an unauthenticated superuser? Are there protections offered in wireless devices that prevent superuser access to an exploited app? If rooting becomes very popular, It stands to reason that putting up apps in the market that contain various sorts of malicious code may follow. I would feel more comfortable knowing that root is only used for flashing and when desired for admin operations and more comfortable yet if it would require a password. Mostly, I just want to understand the process better.

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