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  1. robcatron

    robcatron Member

    Hello, all

    First post here, but I wanted to ask some questions about my new K1 (I just picked it up yesterday at the $299 Office Depot sale).

    I think I may have to take it back. My problem is that it is laggy and in general, quite slow. I tested out the floor unit to specifically see if it was snappy or not (as compared to my iPad 2) and I was quite pleased.

    After I get it home and set it up, however, I am very disappointed. I am figuring my unit may be bad. It is simply too laggy. Often times, there will be a freeze delay during apps, or switching between them, or every while browsing the internet. I can swipe the screen to get the message that says the app is busy, force close or wait, and I can generally wait and it will take back up. I do not think this is normal. I upgraded to 3.2 (took quite a while to get all of the updates done) and that didn't help.

    I then reset the unit to factory to start over, and that didn't help (though it did leave 3.2 on there).

    So, do I need to return it? Is there anything I can try to see if it is defective, or to troubleshoot on why it is slowing down?

    Thanks in advance
    Rob Catron

  2. robcatron

    robcatron Member

    Great! I returned the product and got another unit and it is night and day better.

    I am actually liking the tab!
  3. prfstrkr

    prfstrkr New Member

    Glad it works out for u
  4. johncap

    johncap New Member

    you got it for a great price. I too have a question.......
    I have managed to get some pictures and word type documents on my SD Card in my Lenovo K1. I am under the impression I can print via Bluetooth directly from the SD card in my K1. However I can see the files there on the card but I see NO option on the tablet to print to my Bluetooth printer. I can save and edit, but NO print, any suggestions. I almost forgot, if I use that USB cable and move those files to my Laptop all runs good, I can print, as FILE has a print option, just I cant find that Print option on my Tablet. HELP
  5. technicalguy

    technicalguy Member

    johncap - you print via the PrinterShare App - included with the K1. From there you can select your documents and print.
    (however, that being said: why print from the K1 when you had to move the document from your PC to the K1 anyway? The advantage of the K1 is that your docs are there, digitally, wherever you want)

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