Behold 2 how to turn off t9 predictive text

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  1. opboarding72

    opboarding72 New Member

    is there anyway to shut off predictive text instead of hitting the t9 button everytime i send a message?? also i downloaded the chomp sms application to make texts look like the iphone but i still have to go through both programs to get rid of the notification is there a way to just used the application and not have to go through the phones messaging to get the notification away. ?? thanks

  2. pcchameleon

    pcchameleon Member

    from reading this forum, it appears that you cant turn off the SMS notification :(

    dont know about the predictive text, you might want to use the Hero keybroad (search for it on XDA forums)...
  3. dan0zone

    dan0zone Well-Known Member

    Just find a cupcake (1,5) version of the HTC_IME.apk, that's what i did and it works fine. Just make sure you also install the clicker.apk, if you gonna use the calibration tool

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