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Bell Galaxy s2 LTE HD, Battery CompatiblyTips

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  1. struct

    struct Member

    Hello everyone, I`m in need of a backup battery for my Bell Galaxy s2 LTE HD. I can't seem to find any for this phone online, was hoping if anyone knew of any battery that is compatible. My Galaxy s2 LTE HD model is SGH-I757m

  2. struct

    struct Member

  3. gentledroid17

    gentledroid17 Member

    i received the battery today. i used it for a few hours. going to give it a full charge overnight and see how long i can get out of it tomorrow.

    Samsung Infuse 4G SGH i997 2200mAh Extended High Capacity Battery EB555157V | eBay

    will update tomorrow.
  4. gurak

    gurak Member

    Would definitely be interested in hearing a report on how those Cameron-Sino batteries compare to the stock ones.
  5. stingernwo

    stingernwo New Member

    Hey how's it going the battery from the galaxy rugby LTE is the same size and mAh and will work fine with the s2 hd LTE.

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