Bell Mobility SIII Question about MicroSD CardSupport

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  1. Kelgorus

    Kelgorus Active Member

    So I keep hearing different things on this microSD card situation.
    One Bell Employee told me yes, one said that it can't, and a Samsung Rep said that they have no information on this as of yet ...

    I purchased a 32GB MicroSD card (Patriot) thinking that Bell was only coming out with a 16GB ... Now they are coming out with a 32GB SIII so I want to get that one, but I can't figure out if I am going to be able to actually put the MicroSD card in as I do not understand the specifications and am starting to get a little bit of a headache trying to piece this together.

    Quick Info:
    Bell Mobility
    Galaxy SIII 32GB (Potentially)
    Patriot 32GB MicroSD Card ... Will it work/fit?

  2. I prefer trusted brand names such as Samsung and Sandisk. But yeah, it will fit.
  3. Kelgorus

    Kelgorus Active Member

    Are you sure that the 32GB actually takes a microSD? I can't get any Bell Employee or even a Samsung one to confirm! :(
  4. Positive.

    All 3 versions can take a microsd card. The max would be the 64gb microsdxc which would be 64GB + 64GB = ~128GB
  5. Kelgorus

    Kelgorus Active Member

    My hero, thanks!
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  6. Atrix757

    Atrix757 Well-Known Member

    sorry to thread jack but does the format matter for the 64gb sdxc card? because to upload large files onto my card for use on my transformer prime i had to reformat it from fat32 to ntfs. i am asking because i would like to be able to move my 64gb card between my prime and my S3 once i receive it next week.
  7. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Not sure if NFTS is supported in the S3, it has full support for exFAT which has no file size limit though (using one in mine, more details at my blog).
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