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benchmarking my sensation xeGeneral

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  1. tarek95

    tarek95 Member

    hi there

    i did an benchmark test for my mobile with antutu app

    and i got 4900 while other ppl with the same phone gets around 5700 nad 6200 and did with Quadrant Standard Edition app and got 1700 while other got 2100....i dont know why my device is slower

    and btw its running on 2.3.4 (is this the problem ?)

    so if any one can benchmark his phone with the stock cpu not overclocked

    and tell what score he got ....i will be thankful

  2. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    just tested with antutu, got 6427

    I'm on ICS 4.0.3, maybe that makes a difference?
  3. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    This shows the breakdown, you may see where yours isn't performing...

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  4. tarek95

    tarek95 Member

    thx for the replay man :)

    as you can see the cpu score and the ram has a problem but every thing else is fine :confused::(

    however the cpu freq is 1512Mhz so it should be fine .....

    i dont know were the problem is :mad:

    last thing might be the software .....and they not leating us to update to ics here in egypt ....it looks like i will go for custom roms

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  5. tarek95

    tarek95 Member

    and i have another question ......why this phone speaker is really bad i cant even hear the ringtone if compared others phone like desire s or even low end phones
  6. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    I agree, considering it's a Beats Audio phone, and the speaker's quite big, it should sound a lot louder/clearer (i just have it set to vibrate now).

  7. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I heard somewhere ICS is more efficient with the dual core aspect of the processor speeds, maybe your only option is for custom ROMs.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  8. tarek95

    tarek95 Member

    :) thx man ,,,,i think geting the ics with problems is still better than staying with the old 2.3.4

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