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Benefit of External SD Card?

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  1. Blinkstar

    Blinkstar Member

    Besides the obvious one of more space, I mean.

    I'm coming from a rooted G1 and with that phone there were a lot of posts claiming speed benefits from shifting apps to an external SD card, both because the G1 had so little internal memory and because the apps were supposed to run faster on the external card ...

    Are there any similar benefits to running apps off an external card with the Vibrant?

  2. laufu

    laufu Member

    SD cards come in classes. The higher the class the faster the card can read/write. So if your SD card from your trusty G1 is fast, expect to the same performance on the Vibrant.

    I do not know the R/W specs for the Vibrants internal storage off the top of my head; however the internal memory on the Vibrant could be faster than your memory card so you could end up having lower performance if you move your apps to external storage.

    I hope that helps
  3. Blinkstar

    Blinkstar Member

    It does, thanks!

    Any Vibrant users out there with external SD cards, have you found them to be slower than the internal memory?
  4. jgreetham

    jgreetham Well-Known Member

    I never cared about putting applications on the external SD since the Vibrant has so much internal memory.

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