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  1. DrSteveBrule

    DrSteveBrule New Member

    So, I just got my Droid Razr M and am beyond happy with it (even though I am upgrading from a worn out X2). This is only my second smartphone, but I feel like it is a really good one.

    I have a couple of questions though. I apologize if the answers can be found elsewhere, but after searching for a few days I decided to just ask.

    • What are some advantages, besides freezing/removing bloatware, to rooting this device? I have no experience with rooting, but it is something I have thought about and would probably like to do. Also, would rooting now affect the phone when the official JB update is released?
    • Since I am switching over from my X2, I no longer have the convenience of unlimited data. Are there any good ways to conserve data, besides using WiFi more often? I feel like I'm likely to go over my 2gb/month limit if I don't start conserving. (I've had to ditch my lovely Spotify Premium subscription because of the data use :()
    • Finally, I have noticed that when I have my phone plugged into my Aux port in the car, it is significantly quieter than when I had my X2. I find this weird considering the fact that the actual speaker is much louder. Luckily, I can boost the dB's on my music with Winamp Pro, but has anyone else noticed this problem? And is there anything (besides a sketchy "VOLUME BOOSTA" app) that I can do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for any support, and I apologize for my unnecessarily lengthy questions :D

  2. rchez16

    rchez16 Well-Known Member

    Like you, I am a recent convert to the Razr M, coming from an Inc2 with unlimited date.

    I have no experience rooting, so I can't talk to that. Nor have I had the experience that you do in the car.

    As far as cutting down on data, the obvious one is what you pointed out, use WiFi more.

    In addition, I find the smart actions app very helpful in terms of cutting my data when I don't need it (ie. when on wifi, when in a meeting, etc).

    I also no longer stream music from g-music when on data. Instead, I bought a 32GB SD card, and loaded it up with about 18 GB of music, and stream music in my car from the SD card.

    You should also look at what apps use your data the most, which is very simple on the Razr M as there is a data usage option in settings. Aside from the usual suspects (g-music, browser), I also found that the Play Store used a lot of data to update apps. To combat this, I went into settings for the Play Store app, and selected to only update when on wifi. Another app that was using data unnecessarily was G+. I had the auto upload photos switched on. I changed that in the settings to only allow for photo upload on wifi.

    I now share 4GB with my wife. So far we have not even come close to a problem. Nor have I come close to 2GB myself.

    Good luck.
  3. DrSteveBrule

    DrSteveBrule New Member

    Eh, the rooting isn't exactly an urgent matter. I think i'll only consider it after receiving the Jelly Bean update.

    I appreciate your reply. I found out that my two biggest data users were Spotify (which I have since unsubscribed from :() and Google Play. I took your advice with the auto updating over wifi so I don't see it being a problem anymore.

    I've also began taking advantage of the Smart Actions app and making it switch to wifi when I am at home or at work.

    Thanks for the reply! :)

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