best 10" tablet $250 or under

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  1. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member

    want to get a android tablet but dont know much about whats out there. i got a mac computer,wife has a ipad2,and i did have a iphone 4s. missed my android phone so i traded the 4s for a HTC Rezound. thought about another ipad but i think i will get a android tablet.ill have all the bases covered what is the best 10"for $250 or under?i dont really know if its possible to get a good one for $250.i would like to hear some options.thanks

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    You could try looking for a used Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer for that price range. For new, I think it's close to impossible.
  3. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member

    Ok let's change it to $399 or less. I would like a 10" screen and also a USB port. Any suggestions.
  4. Chaznsc

    Chaznsc Well-Known Member

    Since you have an iPad, I'd consider a 7" tabet. I love my Kindle Fire. It goes places I dont care to carry my iPad, and I prefer reading on the smaller device.
  5. rui-no-onna

    rui-no-onna Well-Known Member

    Asus Transformer.
  6. ouch1976

    ouch1976 Well-Known Member

    To be honest, the only tablet that can compete with the iPad 2 and the new iPad is the Transformer Prime, and that's gonna run you over $500. But, if you're competing against the original iPad then you could go for the Galaxy 10", original Transformer, or even the Acer A500. All can be found on Craigslist for around $300-$350.

    But, the problem with all Android tablets is the lack of polish on the apps. I'm a die hard Android user, but I'm always disappointed with the look and feel of the apps on my tablet, especially when compared to my mother-in-law's iPad 2 and my brother-in-law's "new" iPad. Outside of the games like Riptide, the Android tablet apps are not up to the caliber of Apple. It makes me sad to say that, but it's the truth.
  7. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean,if the iphone wasnt so uptight and let you do some of the stuff the android phones do, i would probably stayed with the iphone. the android phones arent perfect but suit me better. im not looking for a tablet that is like the ipad2 i just dont want to get a piece of junk,i want a decent model is all.
  8. ouch1976

    ouch1976 Well-Known Member

    I hear you...then I would go with the Transformer, Transformer Prime, Galaxy, or Asus. Aside from the Prime, all can be had on the cheap (ie sub $350).
  9. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member

    the toshiba thrive looks good too,but whats up with that monster power cord. im looking at the asus transformer prime,toshiba thrive and acer iconia. any suggestions on these? am i missing any that are similar. i would like a usb or at least some way to transfer data if needed. i dont think the samsung has anything for a usb,or microsd card. i want some way just in case. and android 3.1
  10. gatorproof

    gatorproof New Member

    Screen display is a must. I have had 5 android tablets. I did not choose the Thrive because the display is weak and they had other issues on launch. I have had the Asus TF 101 since launch. I use it at least 4+ hours a day. I bought accessories that are made by Asus. USB AND full size SD adapters. The display is IPS and has178 degree angle viewing. I bought extra charger head and 10ft extension cord for using when I let battery die. But here is where it shines. Asus is possibly the quickest and the best for updates. I just read Galaxy is releasing a 7 inch ICS $250 and a 10" for $400. They two have USB adapters on the power port. I have a Galaxy Note and the Samsung display is unmatched on that Note. It is too small as a tablet if u r used to a tablet. However it does display an average entire home page at once. Only cell I know of that does that.

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