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Best 2.2 rom

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  1. Moto Xt5

    Moto Xt5 Member

    i bought xt502 2mnths bck..
    n nw m in da same herd of ppl disgusted by moto 4nt been given an upgrade.

    i find no other way 2 void my wattanty n pump in sum custon 2.2rom

    can sum1 plz suggest da best suitable rom available..

    p.s. - i cant hope 4 a "no bugs" rom since its a custom made...
    but i juz hope its the most stable of all othr custom roms.
    & also wld be hapy if its developer gives constant upgrades n other support

    thnx ^_^

  2. farmerjohn73

    farmerjohn73 Member

    I am using cyanogen mod 6.1.2. I think it is good but battery life is less. I heard that phantom rom gives excellent battery life. Jellybeans is also a good rom.

    But Study well before you install if you are a new bee. Be cautious not to brick your phone.
  3. Moto Xt5

    Moto Xt5 Member

    thnx...m nw on CM 7.0.3...its goin smooth ...the battry lyf is bad though..
    stil my hunt iz on 4 sum bettr rom thn tis...wid decent battry lyf..
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    How is the search going?
  5. Moto Xt5

    Moto Xt5 Member

    well i tried to pump in phantom roms but evrytym i do tat...i loose my imei...so m tryin 2b content wid CM 7.0.3.
    the battery lasts not mor thn a day.sumtyms looses half of the "juice" in sleep mode!!

  6. mosesvictor

    mosesvictor New Member

    hi...anyone the android 2.2 software upgrade for motorola quench xt5..
  7. mosesvictor

    mosesvictor New Member

    Please tell. me when the motorola quench will upgrade to 2.2android. .
  8. mosesvictor

    mosesvictor New Member

    All android phones battery discharge is very quick too
  9. mosesvictor

    mosesvictor New Member

    U r using? Moto quench..:D
  10. Moto Xt5

    Moto Xt5 Member

    u wont be getting an official 2.2 upgrade from MOTOROLA..
    tats y v guys r hunting around for custom ROMS ...
  11. Moto Xt5

    Moto Xt5 Member

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