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  1. OzTaras

    OzTaras New Member

    Best of android with 2.3 in a phone that wont allow adobe flash player to be nice:( Is there a hope of an alternative????? I have gone through the apps market with supposed flash only bounces back to adobe systems. A big sigh for some assist please.

  2. lukeoo7

    lukeoo7 New Member

    OOuuch no Flash android 2.3, I m glad a read your post, I almost purchased that phone today.
  3. Phatman123

    Phatman123 New Member


    I have a Huawei sonic android phone and the bluetooth does not connect to the car radio, i know what the problem is as my other phone (htc incredible s) connects fine. the problem is that after pairing the phone the keypad does not come up to enter the passcode.

    Any ideas on how to fix this??
  4. chillgreg

    chillgreg Member

    It's weird, because it can play Youtube no problems. I use Opera Mini and the stock browser. Yet you are correct - try and download the Adobe Flash App and it says "Not compatible". Go figure...
  5. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    but you can use youtube app :)
  6. mangofloat

    mangofloat New Member

    heard that if you've rooted your phone it will load flash? i read in some forum i think the cyanogen? ill look it up again later when i have the time.

    i think you can do youtube because it's a different application... but flash is like embedded in the website perhaps that's why..

    this totally sucks though because if sonic had flash it would be the perfect phone for me.
  7. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    Hamlet would love this question, to have flash or not to have Flash. Ahh flash, horribly unoptimized bloatware that you are; what would we need you for? All those wonderful ads that grace my computer screen? I'll pass. To watch youtube? No flash needed. But other web video???? Not if the site has been updated to H.264 standards. Web flash games? No will not play those... excellent... things... *can't keep a straight face*

    So yea flash, you can install the Arm6 version 10.1 easily enough and it works fine. It's not on the Play Store (hate the new name) because Adobe doesn't support ARM6 chips (among many others) anymore. The latest ARM processors are fast enough they can program as shoddy as they can on a PC and you won't notice. Older chips require optimization, something Adobe doesn't do well; when at all. :rolleyes:
  8. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

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